Lee Min Ho Characters in K-Dramas That Are Unforgettable

The trajectory of this Korean actor is full of successful K-Dramas and today you will remember Lee Min Ho’s characters in some of them.

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He is one of the best known Korean actors in the world, since his performance with Goo Hye Sun in Boys Over Flowers the popularity of Lee Min Ho It has not stopped growing, but we have also seen it grow through very diverse projects.

Even though this actor it’s just as cool in the movies as it is in the K-DramasWe must admit that his international fame was born thanks to his characters in Korean series and that is why today we want to remember his career.

Many times we see him give life to characters on romantic dramasSo surely Lee Min Ho made your heart pound on more than one occasion while playing one of those roles, right?

Here we tell you about several dramas where Lee Min Ho played the main character and who, thanks to their charm, became iconic characters for the fans.

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Lee Min Ho and his most memorable roles in K-Dramas

In this drama, the actor plays a young student who is sent outside of Korea. His father is a powerful businessman but because he is an illegitimate son, his family does not want him to aspire to get involved in business.

Protagonists of The Heirs. | Source: Instagram @minshinxcouple

The drama premiered in 2013 and is one of the most popular in the Hallyu star’s career.

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  • Lee Gon on The King: Eternal Monarch

Lee Min Ho’s most recent drama also gave him an iconic role, which led us into a story of romance and fantasy.

Lee Min Ho in The King: Ternal Monarch. | Source: Instagram @minozfrance

Lee Gon is the King of the Kingdom of Korea, an alternate world where his rule is a monarchy and modernity meets tradition.

  • Lee Young Sung de City Hunter

This action drama is really exciting, but in large part it was due to the characters we saw on screen developing the story.

Lee Min Ho in City Hunter. | Source: Twitter @theseoulstory

Lee Min Ho plays a young man who has been trained to become the City Hunter and exact revenge on the politicians who once betrayed his father and other military personnel, but everything could change when he begins to make his own decisions.

  • Heo Joon Jae en Legend of the Blue Sea

In this drama, he portrayed an attractive con man who is cunning and a good strategist, but also possesses a personality that makes him as charming as he is funny.

Lee Min Ho in Legend of the Blue Sea. | Source: Twitter @minholics_india

The production was on air between 2016 and 2017, I feel another key piece in its trajectory.

  • Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers

This role couldn’t be left off the list, as starring in Hana Yori Dango’s Korean adaptation led Lee Min Ho to stardom.

Protagonists of Boys Over Flowers. | Source: Instagram @minozfrance

That is why seeing him as the leader of the F4 It remains one of the favorite facets of many MINOZ, as it also allows us to discover how much it has evolved since then.

Speaking of this popular school K-Drama, we invite you to remember the best songs that are part of the Boys Over Flowers OST.

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