Lee Know reacted to a STAY poster asking her to be his girlfriend

Many fans always decide to bring posters with special messages to concerts, some are words of encouragement, others are funny phrases to make their idols laugh. Many fans also take the opportunity to send messages of love to their bias. Una Stay did not waste the moment and asked on a poster if Lee Know was her boyfriend and her reaction made her fans laugh.

Lee Know from Stray Kids amused STAY after reacting to a sign that a fan had written for him, asking if he was her boyfriend. Although all the members of the group saw the poster, the reaction that caused the most fun was that of Lee Know.

Lee Know surprised his fan with his reaction. // Source: Twitter @Stray_Kids

fans of stray kids they are charmed by Lee Know’s honest personality, especially when the idol interacts with his fans. For that reason, they couldn’t help but laugh when the boy reacted to one of the posters that a fan wrote for him.

Stray Kids is currently in the United States presenting several dates of their tour maniacAlthough a couple of dates were postponed after three members of the group tested positive for Covid-19, the concerts have already resumed.

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Lee Know refused to be a Stay’s boyfriend after reading her sign on Maniac Tour

During Stray Kids’ US tour, fans have been able to experience unforgettable moments thanks to the members’ performances. Laughter, screams, emotion and crying is part of what fans have experienced in Maniac Tours.

Similarly, fans have not missed the opportunity to carry posters with all kinds of messages for their favorite artists and one of the fans decided to write a sign in which she wrote: ‘Perhaps… aren’t you my boyfriend?’ and added a photograph of Lee Know to the poster.

While the concert was going on, all the members of stray kids They saw the poster and blew kisses or made signs of the heart with a smile to the Stay owner of the poster. However, when the time came to Lee Know Seeing the poster, the fan couldn’t help but laugh.

As soon as Lee Know read the poster the fan pointed to it and made a x with both fingers, denying completely being the boyfriend of the fan who had written the poster for him. Without a doubt, this was not Stay’s lucky day. But at least Lee Know saw her. What would you do if it happened to you?

  • Stray Kids reacting to the fan poster. // Source: Twitter @straykidsxzone

In other news, in one of his last concerts in the United States, Bang Chan took the opportunity to sing Smell Like Teen Spirit. Did you hear it?

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