Lee Jong Suk Test: Where would you go on a trip with this actor?

Travel and vacations are always exciting, but it would be even better if your plans were together with the talented actor Lee Jong Suk.

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We have seen this boy show off in many productions, his characters always catch our attention and that is why Lee Jong Suk now has the support of thousands of fans around the world who are waiting for his next drama.

It is korean actor He is really hard-working and committed, but he also knows how to have fun and relax when the moment of a break arrives, as recovering energy is important to continue being the star of the K-Dramas what it has become.

Can you imagine where I would go from trip this guy? Answer this test and plan what a vacation would be like with him, don’t forget to write down your answers and at the end check which letter you chose more times.

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The ideal trip for you and Lee Jong Suk

1. What season do you think is the best to vacation?

  • A) Spring
  • B) Autumn
  • C) Winter
  • D) Summer

2. On vacation, what excites you the most?

  • A) Visiting unfamiliar sites and taking lots of photos
  • B) Visit places that I have seen in movies
  • C) Try many new dishes of the local gastronomy
  • D) Rest, relax and also have fun

3. The place where you will stay on vacation should be …

  • A) In a central area to easily reach the places I want to visit
  • B) It doesn’t really matter what it’s like because I’ll be spending most of my time outside
  • C) Colorful, with very cheerful details
  • D) A place with all the comforts and if it has a balcony view it would be excellent

4. An activity that you cannot miss on your trip is …

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  • A) Visit cafes and restaurants
  • B) Classic photos of tourists
  • C) Know traditions
  • D) Nadar

5. If your dream vacation were a color, what color do you think it would be?

  • A) Purple or blue
  • B) Red or white
  • C) Orange or green
  • D) Yellow or water green

6. Choose your favorite Lee Jong Suk character

  • A) Eun Ho de Romance is a Bonus Book
  • B) Jae Chan de While You Were Sleeping
  • C) Park Hoon the Doctor Stranger
  • D) Kang Chul de W: Two Worlds

7. What you most expect from your trip is …

  • A) Create good memories
  • B) Learn about the place you visit
  • C) have a lot of fun
  • D) Relax and put my worries aside



Your ideal trip with Lee Jong Suk would be to Jeju, a Korean island that is often portrayed in dramas and variety shows, there is a lot to do here, you can reconnect with nature, visit thematic places and take walks around the places. more interesting.

Lee Jong suk in a shoot. | Source: Instagram @ jongsuk0206


You and the Korean actor would go on a tour of Italy, both would enjoy the most popular tourist sites but also enjoy some hidden gems that only locals usually visit, sounds good, right?

Lee Jong Suk in Romance is a Bonus Book. | Source: Instagram @ jongsuk0206

Latin America tour

The perfect trip for you and Lee Jong Suk would be a tour of different countries in Latin America, learning a little about the culture of each place, its traditions and enjoying what makes this area of ​​the world unique.

Lee Jong Suk’s selfie. | Source: Instagram @ jongsuk0206

Caribbean Islands

You and Lee Jong Suk would have a dream trip with fun and also a dose of calm away from their day-to-day environment, that’s why nothing like the Caribbean Islands for this break.

Lee Jong suk on a trip. | Source: Instagram @ jongsuk0206

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