Lee Jong Suk is Dr. Corazón and shares his best love advice

Lee Jong Suk is an actor capable of astonishing us with each of his works and characters, but how good is he at giving love advice? An interview shows that he can be the perfect guru to take care of our hearts.

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Lee Jong Suk is part of the actors Koreans who have already written their name in entertainment history thanks to their work on the big and small screen, playing characters who have stolen the hearts of millions.

Out of the spotlight, the protagonist of W he is a very intelligent person capable of sharing his best advice if your feelings are confused or you just don’t know what to do with your partner. Lee Jong Suk will be your favorite Dr. Heart.

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Lee Jong Suk Opens His Love Advice Practice For Fans

During an interview with ELLE, Lee Jong Suk answered questions from fans about his courtships, so he officially opened his office for those confused or looking for a fan. tip to no longer suffer for love.

Do you have a long distance relationship? The actor believe the key to dating so far one person from another is mutual trust, all you have to do is give reasons for the other party to understand your feelings and intentions.

A relationship several years apart? Lee Jong Suk is an expert on love and even for him it is a bit difficult to answer the question, but the first thing you need to find out is how deep the feelings from the other person, he added:

There are many real problems that can arise from the 10-year age gap.

Do you want to declare to your crush? The Dr. Heart Lee Jong Suk Think that there are many ways to confess your love, you can be subtle or just let yourself be carried away by what you feel, one option he gave is to write a letter.

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Do you get very nervous when you are in front of that person you like? The model gave us an infallible tip for those cases:

If someone tells me that they like me and are looking forward to it, I would find it very charming.

Why does Lee Jong Suk give so much good advice? Do you have a girlfriend?

You are wondering,Lee Jong Suk has a girlfriend or why does it give so many good advice? Well, currently the actor’s status is official bachelor and although there are some rumors of romances with his colleagues, none are confirmed.

Maybe your emotional intelligence From due to that he has a very good relationship with himself, as they say, first he tries to love you and then he can love someone else, one of the most important lessons that the actor has taught his fans.

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