Lee Dong Wook is crafty in Bad and Crazy, drama releases teaser

The police-themed K-drama will premiere in just a few weeks, but excitement increased with an anticipated teaser of Lee Dong Wook taking over his role.

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When our favorite stars come together in a project we are not only witnessing a sum of talent, but also high expectations that motivate us to enjoy the story and that is exactly what is happening with Bad and Crazy.

This will be a drama of tvN that will take us to meet two policemen with very different personalities and interests, will they manage to adapt to each other? Wi Ha Joon and Lee Dong Wook They will be in charge of the leading roles, but while one of the characters is crazy and dreams of being a hero, another is more focused on receiving a promotion and enjoying rewards.

The Korean TV channel has already released several previews in the form of photos and videos, but now is the time to get to know them better. Soo Yeol.

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Lee Dong Wook as Soo Yeol in Bad and Crazy

The new teaser published on the social networks of the channel bring us closer to the day to day of this character, that is how we see him interact with other workers in charge of justice and striving to win a better position.

However, we also see that his cunning side comes out, making it clear that enforcing justice is not a priority in his life, but getting his way.

Why watch Bad and Crazy?

This new korean drama It will be full of emotion, the police theme will lead us to accompany the characters in different cases where they will surely have to use their strength and intelligence, but that does not end there.

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Since the two protagonists will be so different, it will be fun to watch them adapt to each other or, failing that, face off repeatedly.

We also tell you that the first images of Wi Ha Joon as K in this K-Drama made hearts race, discover how he looks giving life to his new character.

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