Lee Dong Wook had an unexpected cameo in Search WWW

If you are a fan of Korean dramas you have probably seen at least one story with Lee Dong Wook in the cast, but have you ever seen a cameo by this actor?

He is a Korean star who began his career in 2000, he has been part of successful productions and in many of them he has taken the leading role, so Lee Dong Wook he is very well known in entertainment.

Although we have seen it in romance dramas, action, bringing some bromances to life and captivating the hearts of fans, this guy has focused on the roles that unfold through several or all episodes of each story, so we rarely see him with guest appearances.

In fact, there is only one cameo in Lee Dong Wook’s career within the dramas and it is precisely in Search WWWHave you seen this drama yet? Here we tell you a little about him and the scene of this actor.

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Lee Dong Wook is Tammy’s former love on Search WWW

The protagonist of Tale of the Nine Tailed had a brief participation in the history of girl power. The drama tells the story of Bae Ta Mi, who quit her job after being betrayed by her company and now took a position within the company she always competed with.

The girl not only faces a new work environment, but one day an old love with whom she ended her relationship appears in front of her, it is nothing more and nothing less than the character of Lee Dong Wook.

In the cameo, he comes out of an elevator and meets the girl, they have a brief chat where we can see that although they put an end to their love, they still remember her story with a bit of nostalgia.

He asks her if she has no intention of getting married yet, glancing that that is probably why they are no longer together. Although the protagonist gives a negative answer, he surprises by giving her an invitation to her wedding. OMG!

Lee Dong Wook made a space in his schedule for this cameo

Search WWW was a drama that aired in 2019, a very busy year for the Korean actor. Months before he starred Touch Your Heart with Yoo In Na, while shortly thereafter he would return with the terrifying story of Strangers from Hell.

With so many activities and plans on his schedule, Lee Dong Wook likely won’t have many opportunities to make surprise appearances in other productions, but he certainly makes fans happy with each character.

Previously, this actor took part in one of the most beloved secondary couples in dramas, we invite you to remember his story in Goblin.

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