LED mask: which device is the best?

With the help of an LED mask, you should be able to quickly get rid of pimples, pigment spots and wrinkles. But what is it about the supposed miracle device and which one is the best? GALA will show you.

In the beauty world there are now many products that are supposed to give you perfect skin. After all, wrinkles, pigment spots, acne and pimple marks do not belong on a flawless face. At least that’s what advertising always wants us to know, but in reality these are completely normal reactions of our skin to intolerances, aging processes and external influences. And that’s why they don’t make us ugly at all. However, if you still want to help a little, you should be helped with an LED mask. We explain to you what it is, how it works, which one is the best and whether the wavelengths are dangerous for us in the long run.

What is an LED mask and how does it work?

An LED mask is another beauty tool, which conquered the market several years ago. Light therapy using LEDs, i.e. Light Emitting Diodes, has long been a technique used by beauticians to to counteract skin changes. Now these supposed miracle healers are also available to take at home and should help you to get better skin if you use them regularly.

How exactly does this work? The LEDs contained in the masks (approx. 100) have different light colors, which can penetrate up to ten millimeters into the epidermis. There they stimulate the cells to produce new and endogenous ones to form collagens, hyaluronic acid and elastin.

What exactly should an LED mask help me with?

Various skin problems can be treated with the help of an LED mask: Wrinkles, acne, inflammation, pigment disorders, pimple marks or even couperose can be reduced so that the skin looks and feels fresher and more even.

As early as the 1990s, people had the idea of ​​using light therapy to treat skin problems such as sun allergies or neurodermatitis. Here, however, ultraviolet light was still used, which we also know as UV light. Nowadays, however, there are healthier alternatives because UV light is known to damage our skin. You can find out more about this in our article on sun protection factor.

Therefore become other light waves instead of ultraviolet light used.

What colors of light are there and what effect do they have on my skin?

Blue light

  • Works up to 464 nanometers
  • Helps to soothe the skin
  • Reduces acne
  • Has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect
  • Reduces rashes
  • Can have a positive effect on hormone balance and is therefore often used to treat winter depression

Green light

  • Works at 525 nanometers
  • Lightens spots
  • Ideal for pigment spots and pimple marks
  • Is healing and calming

Red light

  • Works up to 640 nanometers
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Stimulates collagen and elastine through improved blood circulation
  • Reduces scars through regeneration
  • Helps with hair loss
  • Has a healing effect

Which LED mask is the best?

Silk’n LED face mask

With the Silk’n LED mask you have a product that is easy to use and has won over previous users. There are two modes you can choose between: automatic or manual mode. With the automatic, your skin is treated with all light waves, with the manual, you choose a color yourself. Here you can choose between: red light (lines and wrinkles), blue light (acne), yellow light (redness) or violet light (anti-inflammatory). The LED mask is made of soft and natural silicone, so the mask is more flexible unlike others. Use straps to attach the mask to your head and enjoy the treatment for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Foreo UFO Mini

With a total of 5 out of 5 stars Foreo UFO Mini Mask one of the best devices. With a combination of heat, LED light therapy and a T-Sonic pulsation, the LED model provides improved skin within 90 seconds. The travel-ready device is 100% waterproof and consists of skin-friendly silicone. The handling is particularly praised, because with the round device you simply move it evenly over your face in circular movements until the mask switches itself off. Then clean the device under lukewarm water.


If you like it vegan, go with it LED model from MILU well served. No animal products were used, nor was it tested on animals. A big advantage. With the help of the different light waves, you can stimulate your blood circulation in the face and thus produce more of the body’s own collagen and elastin. Wrinkles are thus reduced. The device also has vibrations, which means that you can also perform a small lymph drainage during the treatment and thus excess water retention can be removed more quickly.

dr Dennis Gross SpectraLight FaceWare Pro

The device from Dr. Dennis Gross is one of the more expensive models with a price of 472 euros, but has so far been able to convince with every application. Users share their experiences with the SpectraLight FaceWare Pro and are consistently enthusiastic, so that the rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars. Wrinkles are quickly reduced and impurities that lead to acne heal faster, so that painful pimples cannot develop in the first place. Another advantage is the short application time of just three minutes. The first results should already be visible after the first treatment. The optimal result is achieved after ten weeks.

How often can I use an LED mask?

Since we don’t want to overwork the skin, use the LED mask maximum three times a week for about 15 minutes. This treatment time is completely sufficient to give the light waves the opportunity to work.

Does it make a difference if I put a blue or red lamp in front of my face or use a real LED light?

Is blue light the same as blue light? And does the same apply to the other LED colors? No, because a simple blue, red or green lamp – for example colored light bulbs – does not emit any wavelengths that act on and in the skin. Proper LED light promotes collagen production on every skin type, while blue or red lights do not.

How do I use the mask?

  1. Step 1: Remove any makeup residue and cleanse your face. It should be clean when used.
  2. Step: Apply a cooling and soothing serum to increase the effectiveness of the light waves.
  3. Step: Now put on a small pair of goggles to protect your eyes from the LED waves.
  4. Step: Now set the desired light and put on the mask. Pay attention to the recommendations on the packaging of the product.
  5. Step 1: Lie down and relax during the treatment.
  6. Step: Now take off the mask again.
  7. Step: Continue with your skincare routine.

Are LED products harmful to the skin in the long term?

Light waves can make you think. After all, one might think that green, blue and red light could have an equally negative effect on our skin as ultraviolet light, i.e. UV light. But that’s not the case. LED masks for the home are something in general set lower and so they don’t seem that intense as with cosmetic treatments.

While taking medications that the skin sensitive to light However, such as isotretinoin – a controversial drug for severe acne – is the use of an LED mask not recommended. Also pregnant women should refrain from using it.

Also not every skin type should use LED products. If you have healthy skin, i.e. neither prone to acne nor couperose, you do not need treatment with different light waves. Instead, you can then click the proper care set with the right products. Take a look at our face cream test to find the right cream for you.

What should I pay attention to when using and buying?

When using it, as already mentioned, it is important that you are neither pregnant nor that your skin can react sensitively to light due to medication. Also, you should make sure you always have one eye protection to wear in order not to harm them. Eye protection is usually included in the package. If not, order one right away safety goggles to be able to start the treatment immediately.

Choose at an LED mask not the cheapest device. Of course, expensive doesn’t always mean that something is good. But especially with electrical devices, a certain quality of workmanship and the means used should be standard.

Prices range from 50 euros to 480 euros. The more expensive, the more features to expect. You can get a good LED mask between 70 and 280 euros.

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