Leclerc caps the price of the baguette at 29 euro cents – Farmers and bakers are indignant and denounce a campaign "demagogic and destructive of values"

From farmers to bakers, the whole wheat industry is outraged by the Leclerc group’s launch of a 0.29 euro baguette, denouncing a campaign “demagogic and destructive of values”. Michel-Edouard Leclerc announced that he was blocking the price of the baguette in the group’s stores at 29 euro cents – or even up to 23 cents – for at least four months, in the name of the defense of the power of purchase by the French in an inflationary context.

Cereal growers, millers and bakers, as well as the FNSEA, the leading agricultural union, denounced in a joint press release “prices that willfully destroy values”. They are indignant at a “demagogic” announcement when “the prices of cereals and consequently of flour, are experiencing high prices, that production costs (wages, etc.) are rising sharply and that the average price of the baguette, in France in 2021 according to INSEE is 0.90 euros “.

This announcement, which comes at a time when the sectors and the government “are working to fairly remunerate farmers” and when “the know-how and the quality of the French baguette are in the process of being recognized by UNESCO”, provoked an outcry. “We seek to preserve employment and quality, this comes at a cost: we must pay the actors correctly, those who plant, who harvest, who assemble the grains and make the flour, and those who make the bread. Leclerc is ashamed, “said Jean-François Loiseau, president of the National Association of French Mining. “Mr. Leclerc will have to explain to us how and how much he pays bakers with a baguette at 29 cents”, reacted for his part Christiane Lambert, patron of the FNSEA.

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