Leandro Igounet, the ‘tiktoker’ that teaches you to ‘travel’ to Europe for less than 1 dollar

Go on vacation or honeymoon to Europe It is the dream of many and there are those who achieve it after saving or requesting a loan, while others have to be content with watching videos on YouTube or applying peculiar techniques to achieve it. This is the case of Leandro Igounet, an influencer who found the best way to get to know the Eiffel Tower or the Roman Coliseum without leaving Argentina and touring the City of Buenos Aires. Here the details of his viral video in TikTok titled “How to travel to Europe for 18 pesos”, that is, less than 1 dollar.

This young man who left law school because he loved stand-up, is also a comedian who usually entertains his followers with recordings of the places he visits, adding a large dose of humor and narrating in audio the lesser-known details that are funny.

Running to ‘get’ to Europe

In a video that lasts less than a minute and already has more than 2 million views, Leandro Igounet () shows the city of Ituzaingó, in the western zone of Buenos Aires, which it qualifies as “The closest thing to Europe”. Start by boarding the Sarmiento train at the Once terminal in Buenos Aires and paying a small ticket.

“Do you want to know the Old Continent, but you don’t have a peso? Today I’m showing you a trick so you can do it for $18.50. You have to take the Sarmiento Train and get off at the Ituzaingó station, the most European party in the province of Buenos Aires”he is heard to say.

The influencer is shown running from one place to another and passing through the pedestrian bridge and the Municipal Palace on Eva Perón street, then through Plaza 20 de Febrero until reaching three replicas of the monuments of the architect Rubén Díaz. It is there that the Eiffel Tower appears, located a few meters from Santa Rosa Avenue. “Just like the French one, I couldn’t get in because it was closed. In the same way, people climb through the roofs”add.

That’s where he left “To Italy, to the Roman Colosseum, look, you can’t believe it!” and explained that “it is guarded by some very angry lions and some knights of the Zodiac”. Also, he was in the Tower of Pisa.

The peculiar tour he took in Ituzaingó in June also included the Parque del Partido neighborhood. “And I’m going from here to Parque Leloir, the place where none other than Moria Casán and Indio Solari live”he said before ringing the doorbell of the house where the ex-singer lived, as they explain from .

This is not the only humorous video posted by Leandro Igounet, who has already visited the campus of the National University of La Matanza (UNLaM) and ran around its buildings. “If you want to get to know Beverly Hills, come to La Matanza, because in this university there are so many palm trees that when you walk you hear ‘I am sabalero’”.

Watch the viral video here

@leaigounet I came to the west in Sarmiento to visit the most European city we have in the province of Buenos Aires: Ituzaingó🗼🚃 #for you #lentils #ituzaingo #Buenos Aires #trensarmiento ♬ original sound – leaigounet

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