Leaked Frontal Nudity Images of Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy

Jesse Williams, famous actor from Grey’s Anatomy, is now playing a play on Broadway, the musical Take Me Out.

In the show, there is a scene where he has to be completely naked, when his character, a gay professional baseball player, is taking a shower.

To ensure the safety of the cast, the theater requires that cell phones be closed in special, sealed devices that can only be opened after the performance is over, but one spectator broke the rule and used his cell phone to record the frontal nude. by Jesse Williams.

The images were shared on social media and adult content sites.

It is worth emphasizing that the disclosure of intimate images taken without consent is a crime. Broadway, however, has not yet expressed whether it will take any action against the sharing of these photos.

Jesse Williams Didn’t Want Grey’s Anatomy Cast In Play

In an interview with Good Morning America, Jesse Williams commented that he didn’t want his friends from the Grey’s Anatomy cast to support him in the play.

Although he doesn’t say exactly why, the actor hints that he would feel nervous about being completely naked in front of people who worked with him for years on the medical show.

He talks about who he thinks will go to the play: “Chandra Wilson, who I was texting this morning, who is a Broadway legend in her own right. I know Sarah Drew will be there. I’m sure some people will show up. Ellen will probably show up. But I don’t know if I want them to tell me sooner or not,” saying that knowing could make him more nervous.

But he also admits that if he gets nervous, he’ll try to use it for good and turn it into emotion for his performance.

The play Take Me Out is still on display.

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