Lead weddings: “Jennifer Lopez is an icon”

This Friday, Amazon Prime Video will add a new romantic comedy with touches of action to its catalog. Is about Lead Weddings (Shotgun Wedding)a production headed by Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Lopezwhich has in its cast nothing more and nothing less than the figure of Lenny Kravitz.

lead weddings focuses on Darcy (J Lo) and Tom (Duhamel) they are about to get married. For this reason, they gather their entire family in what seems to be an unforgettable party. This ends up happening but not because of the good part of the party but because they are suddenly taken hostage by some mercenaries who force them to bring out the best in themselves.

Callie Hernandez She is one of the main characters in this movie. she plays Jamie Riverathe sister of darcy. in dialogue with spoilerstold us what it was like to be part of this fun comedy that was filmed in the Dominican Republic. “Reading the script, I really loved it when I read it because it was more like comedies from the late 2000s… 2010s, where there’s action and I love that because I love that era of comedy. So that was a lot of fun.”he pointed.

What was it like working with this cast?

The cast, plus me… like Jennifer CoolidgeSteve Coulter It’s so funny. D’Arcy Carden is incredible. sonia braga it is a legend. Cheech Marin it is a legend. J Lo and Josh Duhamel, and Desmin Borges, Selena Tan… It’s like… It’s one of the most talented casts I’ve ever worked with. So funny. It was honestly surreal fun. It’s very weird when you’re in a pool with all these icons. In such a pool, in the Dominican Republic during whale watching season, fully clothed. You look everywhere and you are surrounded by icons. It’s a strange and surreal moment. It was all very fun. The fact that we all live together… We had a great time working, having dinner every night and going out… Everything was great.

You have to tell me something about Lenny Kravitz. How was it working with him? In this case, I don’t know how much experience he had acting on a set…

Lenny It sucks… (laughs) No, no. Lenny it’s fantastic. It’s so fun. It’s so much fun! He is one of my favorite people. We talk a lot about food. We both really like food. There is a story that I did not tell. Lenny It was he who let me know that I had missed my flight back to Los Angeles. We all made a pact to stay up and say goodbye. Because we love each other. But my transport was leaving at 3 AM. And I was spending time with my little family. I decided to take a nap to recover. then i woke up with Lenny knocking on my door and saying: “Friend, you’re going to miss your flight”. I was like… “What?Lenny, what are you doing…? What does Lenny Kravitz in my dream? Go away!”. I went to sleep and then woke up in the morning… “Wait, was it a dream?”. Y Lenny tells me: “Did you miss your flight?”. And I told him: “My God, yes! I thought you were a dream!”.

What can you tell about J Lo’s work?

He was with us at the pool… I mean, he had so many responsibilities on this production. She was the lead and also the producer. She was very involved. I mean… It’s made of liquid gold. Her skin is amazing. She looks amazing and it’s shocking how good she looks in real life. But she is also very smart and works very hard. She is an icon.

+The protagonist of Lead Weddings that was not

Long before Josh Duhamel came to the film, the production of lead weddings I had another actor on the agenda. Is about Armie Hammercall me by your name) that he had to give up on the film when work was about to begin. Why? For the allegations of harassment and cannibalism that buried her career.

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