Lea Michele performs in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade sparks online commentary

Glee star Lea Michele opened the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade performing Don’t Rain On My Parade, sparking online commentary.

Lea Michele she performed during the Thanksgiving Day Parade organized by Macy’s and its appearance on television screens sparked online comments, especially from fans of Glee.
The actress is currently starring on Broadway with the role of Fanny Brice in the musical Funny Girl.

The actress was the focus of the musical number to the tune of Don’t Rain on My Paradea song that Lea Michele had also performed in the Glee series.
The young star, who has long been at the center of criticism and comments for her somewhat diva-style behavior on the set of the series, has not recently enjoyed particular affection among the ranks of fans of the show created by Ryan Murphy, as also demonstrated some tweets posted online.

Among the messages that appeared on social media there are those who used an image of Chris Colfer, who played the part of Kurt, to underline how Lea may have a difficult character but has an undoubted talent as a performer.

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Other viewers have instead noticed how reality and fiction have merged in a rather surreal way: “I know Lea Michele is a terrible person, but I’m still getting a little excited about this Rachel Berry-esque moment. What an incredible way to open the parade“.
Among the most hilarious comments is that of Jenn who wrote: “I just woke up hearing Lea Michele’s voice singing coming from the tv downstairs like I’m a glee cast member waking up from a post traumatic dream“.

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