Le Mag Futura: will genetic tools soon be able to cure everything?

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[EN VIDÉO] The Mag Futura, first edition
Futura has set itself a new challenge: writing a paper magazine! This review focuses on four major questions that are explored with surveys, reports or major interviews. This Mag is a big challenge for independent Web media and that’s why we need your support.

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Why genetics?

New discoveries and apps in the field of genetic have probably not escaped your attention in recent years, especially with the “molecular scissors” Crisp, gone from unknown to the general public a decade ago to great media coverage, for his most impressive, and sometimes controversial, achievements. The words genetic and genetically modified can be frightening, some fearing hazardous manipulations or excesses in the increase of human capacities… Yet genetics opens up very promising prospects for health and many serious diseases, so the subject is -it appeared to be essential, at the center of concerns and current events for 2022 and the decades to come. Let’s see what it is!

Contents of the genetic file

Infographics. “In the footsteps of a genetic mutation”

From the random mutation of a small nucleotide of theDNA can result a chain reaction harmful to the body. A embarrassed faulty mistranscribed into RNA then mistranslated into proteinwhich will disturb the normal function of the cell… Here is a beautiful infographic on two pages to explain everything to you about the power of the action of genes and their therapeutic stakes.

Decryption. Crispr: genetic omnipotence?

In less than ten years, the CRISPR-Cas9 “molecular scissors” have established themselves in all laboratories handling the genome. Inexpensive, precise, in permanent evolution, they make it possible to touch with the finger the dream of the geneticists : edit the genome at will. How does this tool with abyssal implications work? Is it really safe and what are the limits? We detail all this with those who work there on a daily basis.

With our XXL file on gene therapy, you will have all the keys to understanding the challenges of this technique which could well treat diseases that are currently incurable” Julie Kern

Investigation. “Are we going to eradicate cancer thanks to genes? »

Boost it immune systemsabotaging the tumor genome, personalizing and specifying the diagnostic… Genetic tools are increasingly enriching the arsenal of the fight against cancer. To the point of finally being able to hope to overcome this scourge? We investigated the French research centers.

Cross interview: “Should we wish to control the course of human evolution? »

Did the unanimously condemned genetic modification of two Chinese babies in 2018 open Pandora’s box? What are the scientific and societal limits to the modification of embryos ? Is the development of changes without medical reason inevitable? Will social inequalities soon translate genetically? A doctor and a philosopher discuss these questions with us.

A new science fiction story

On scientific and societal issues as vast and engaging as the manipulation of the human genome, it can be useful to step away from journalistic rigor and the present moment. To enrich the reflection on this theme and better project us into the future, the renowned science fiction author Sylvie Lainé imagined the ambiguity of a doctor / patient relationship in a near future dominated by gene therapies…

… And many other subjects to discover in the magazine!

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