Lazio-Rome, tensions at the Olimpico: throwing of firecrackers and bottles, an agent injured

A agent of police was injured during a throw of firecrackers between Lazio and Roma fans in the derby pre-match Capitalscheduled at 18. Despite one Olympic stadium armored, the tension remains high. According to the reconstruction, a group of Lazio was trying to access the stadium from DeBosis square and the Romanists gathered at the River, a bar in the Maresciallo Diaz Lungotevere area, attempted to force the blockade by the police in riot gear. The attempt was stopped, but the launching of firecrackers, smoke bombs and bottles began. One of these would have hit the policeman injuring him.

The safety device, which sees in the field over a thousand men of the forces of order, was strengthened following the alert for clashes issued by Keep them in mind. A helicopter monitors the situation from above. Also on the field scientific police for shooting and mounted patrols. The deployment of armored to avoid contact between the two fans is impressive.

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