Lazio regionals, Rocca’s brother: “He never took drugs, he was dealing for greed. Mom’s death has nothing to do with it: she took me to the pushers that day ”

Alessandro Rocca he is 55 years old, two younger than his brother Francesco, president of the Red Cross and current centre-right governor candidate in the Lazio regional elections. His post on Facebook sparked the electoral campaign: he harshly criticized the interview given by his older brother to There Press, especially in the passage in which he recounted his past in the world of drug addiction and conviction for dealing in heroin. In practice, Francesco Rocca spoke of that fall as a moment of difficulty due to the pain of his mother’s disappearance. A reconstruction that Alessandro didn’t go down at all, as evidenced by the post on Facebook and above all as we read in the long interview given to Luca Telese for the weekly Tpi on newsstands from 20 January. Words that describe a very different truth. “Francesco has never taken drugs. And therefore it is not true that he ended up dealing because he was in a moment of weakness ”. And what a time he was living Francis Rocca? “He did the lifeguard, he was already earning money, he was charismatic, he was a militant in a political organization. He was then, as now, a perfectly structured person aware of what he was doing”.

And how did he start dealing? The memory of Alessandro Rocca is clear: “He happened to him one day, talking to some boys in the swimming pool. They proposed it to him and he accepted, fine. There disease my mother has nothing to do with it. It was his fragilitybut of another type: for weakness and for greed“. She accuses heavily, also invigorated by another detail: the story of the day the mother of the two died, as anticipated by Alessandro Rocca in his post on Facebook. “For me it is a I remember traumatic. A wound that I kept inside for a lifetime,” he told Tpi, before describing in detail what happened in those hours. “Mom’s body was still warm. Francesco said to me: ‘Are you coming with me?’ I wanted to be with him, share those moments with the only person who suffered like me for that bereavement” explained the brother of the center-right gubernatorial candidate, who then continued in the description of what happened that day in Hostwhere they both lived with their families. “We went in front of a place, the Gp – today it no longer exists -, where there were drug dealers”. Because? “Because he had to organize himself with them, to decide the heroin tour“. Then another detail: “Even the drug dealer stayed there. And he said: ‘What, your mother died and you stay here? But you could have come tomorrow!’ He looked at me, and said: ‘I’m poor boy…’. He had one chain golden pocket, opened it, and hung it around my neck. Maybe it was her way of showing me pity. I was completely haywire, like a drunk. I remained silent. He will find out, only later, and dramatically, that we were supervised“.

When asked why he hadn’t told this story earlier, Alessandro Rocca stressed that he has only decided to speak now – and despite the risk of damaging his application of his brother – because “in recent days it was he who made a reconstruction of those events, and because I was expecting a precise signal”. Which? “I asked him for a public statement in which he retracted the untrue, and serious for me, things that he said in an interview that appeared on The print just before Christmas.” The reference is to the link between the drug issue and the death of their mother. The reason? “For a duty of personal honesty with respect to our private history, on the
memory of those who are no longer there, in the first place. And then for a public gesture clarity: if you are a candidate to govern public affairs you must be honest, first of all with yourself”.

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