Lazio Regionals, Pd formalizes D’Amato: “At work to broaden the coalition”. Boccia: “There is no shadow of Calenda, never said no to Conte issues”

The direction of Lazio gives the green light to Alessio D’Amato, outgoing councilor for health of the Zingaretti council and also supported by Third pole from Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzias a candidate for the presidency of the Region for the Democratic party. The hypothesis of “primaries” will be discussed in the table with the allies, even if it does not seem to break through: “The primaries? We don’t shy away if they are requested, it is our genesis, if this serves to help broaden the perimeter of the coalition”, explained D’Amato himself, at the end of the Lazio dem direction, to which 34 out of 50 presented themselves (with the only vote against Marco Miccolito which yesterday – during an event – the councilor of the M5s, Roberta Lombardihad asked to favor the participation of the M5s in the primaries by choosing a candidate shared with the area of ​​the progressive left, ed.).

Above all, however, the crux of the Third Pole, which risks splitting the coalition, in the face of the doubts of Si and Verdi. “L’shadow of Calenda on D’Amato? There is no one’s shadow – replies the head of local authorities instead, Francesco Boccia -, there is the Democratic Party which gives a very clear indication and starting tomorrow Alessio D’Amato will work to widen the coalition as much as possible. Tomorrow there will be the centre-left table which will be able to take any decision on the methods of enlargement ”, she explained. It’s still: “Ambiguous alliance with Calenda at the Regionals? ”We have also made alliances with civic worlds that also came from areas further away than us. We administer cities with them too. But I don’t want the idea that the Democratic Party no longer exists to pass. No was ever said no to Conte on the issues that he had placed, also because those are the issues on which we worked very well with Nicola Zingaretti in the Region. We have governed, and governed well, changing the history of healthcare in Lazio, and today whoever backs down risksafter bringing Meloni to Palazzo Chigi, by hand over the Lazio Region to the right as well“.

The same regional secretary Bruno Astorre then claimed: “The programmatic proposals of the Democratic Party essentially include all the proposals that it has made Joseph Conte: from sustainable mobility to work, to healthcare, to the energy transition. Of course the only point that does not exist and that could never be in a regional program is the question of the Rome waste cycle, which pertains to the mayor of Rome, it is not part of the regional program and on this the Pd supports Roberto Gualtieri”, he concluded.

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