Lazio regionals, Bonelli: “Calenda destroys everything every time he opens his mouth. D’Amato? The line of the Action leader is dictated”

“We have been and we think it is necessary to build a wide frontsure that Carlo Calenda it doesn’t help and every time he opens his mouth he destroys everything“. Thus the exponent of the Green-Left Alliance, Angelo Bonelli, speaking on the regional elections of Lazio, on the sidelines of the National Federal Council of Green Europe underway in Rome. “When Calenda said a few days ago that his are the programmatic lines of the Lazio Region, and that Bonelli and Fratoianni accept them if they want to, otherwise they stay out”, Bonelli continues, “at this point the question I ask in a friendly and affectionate way to Alessio D’Amato is: who gives the programmatic line, Calenda or the candidate for the presidency of the Lazio Region?”. “We must be very careful, because Calenda is the one who wants to eliminate the basic income, he is the one who has it similar positions to the right on energy policies, is the one who wants to bring nuclear power back. If, as already announced by Pichetto Fratin, nuclear power is to be brought back to Italy, with the definitely favorable vote of the Third Pole, will Lazio be a candidate to host nuclear power plants? We need to clarify, Calenda does not give the programmatic line ”, concludes Bonelli.

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