Lay, a boxer from Anderlecht, drowns in a pond in Gosselies: “I tried to help him until we both drowned”, says a friend

“I wasn’t working that day and I offered an outing to Lay who was training 7 days a week. We decided to go to Charleroi. As it was forbidden to quarry, we went to another address that we were given. At the time, we had not seen the sign saying that it was forbidden. She was hidden by the bushes. Only after we found out. We didn’t feel like we were taking a risk. The paths were fine. On the spot, we gradually entered the water. We wet our bodies well. We didn’t feel like we were taking a risk. We had fun”, testifies this friend of Lay.

►► He recounts what happened: “It was horrible until we practically both drowned”

►► Lay’s sister testifies: “He left too soon”

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