Lawyer post from Ex Henning: Anne Wunsch is really angry!

The air is thick again at Anne Wunsch (30) and Henning Merten (32)! Since their separation in January 2019, the ex-partners have been particularly in relation to their daughter Juna and hennings Step daughter Miley always in the hair. According to the influencer, the father does not take care of his daughters enough, even though he shares custody with her. got now Anne mail from the lawyer again.

In your Instagram-Story reported she was writing to forbid her from speaking publicly about the dispute henning to speak. But that looks Anne not at all and angrily told how her ex made life difficult for her: “The latest action is really that I’m no longer allowed to travel long distances with my daughter – because the rays on the plane are too dangerous.” This results in health damage for Juna. For the ex-BTN actress, it’s all just envy and pressure that the threats are meant to bring to bear on her. “You can’t know what’s always going on in the background! It’s so incredibly annoying,” she said. But the mother of three will not let her mouth be banned and will continue to fight.

hennings new woman Denise (32) has already responded to Anne’s allegations. “Don’t always believe everything! There are completely different backgrounds,” she clarified. She also didn’t want to accept the accusation that her time with the children was only portrayed so perfectly for Instagram: “A structure, rules and fresh air and having fun with children has nothing to do with an alleged Insta illusory world! No, that’s normal madness and our everyday life with children.”

Instagram / anne_wuensche

Anne Wunsch with her daughters in November 2019

Gora, Andreas / ActionPress

Anne Wunsch and Henning Merten in January 2017

Wehnert, Matthias / ActionPress

Henning and Denise Merten with Dr. Sindsen’s release party

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