Lawyer Anton Stankov: For Diana, one “sorry” will be enough!

We will appeal, my client has a head injury, the actress’ lawyer said

“The refusal to initiate pre-trial proceedings means that the prosecution has not found a basis for such.” That’s what he said about “Bulgaria Today” the former Minister of Justice Anton Stankov on the occasion of the decree of the prosecutor of the Sofia District Prosecutor’s Office (SRP) Ivo Boev, with which he refused to initiate pre-trial proceedings for the beating of the actress Diana Dimitrova. Two days ago, Dimitrova uploaded a facsimile of the decree to her Facebook profile .

“However, the facts that are presented and that were done in some way with the questioning of witnesses, with expertise, can be interpreted in another way,” adds Stankov.

“For me, the strange thing is that the main tone of this decree is “hooliganism” – when public order is demonstrably violated. In our case, it is not about that at all. I tell you again – it is a matter of interpretation,” explains the lawyer of the actress, who claims she was beaten.

“I can’t comment any more, that’s the prosecutor’s assessment, that’s the decision he made. He signed it, it’s with his name… He knows why he did it. There’s an order in the law,” the ex-head of the justice department also said.

Stankov did not want to say whether there are new circumstances in the case that he will use to appeal the decision of the SRP.

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