Laury Thilleman wants "stay mistress" : his frank development after his breakup with Juan Arbelaez (Jessica)

The news had shocked more than one. Indeed, Laury Thilleman and her companion Juan Arbelaez have put an end to their seven years of love. Besides, Public had mentioned to you the new man who shared his life.

On this subject, Laury Thillemansaid on Instagram: “In order to cut short all rumors and nauseous articles, I wanted to share with you that after 7 years of intense happiness and a life together at mile an hour, Juan and I decide together to continue our roads separately.t. Thank you for this journey. Thank you for the joy, love, laughter, and every learning.”. The chef had for his part written: “Before the press took hold of an absolutely magical seven-year story, filled with happiness and benevolence, I wanted to share with you that with Laury, we decided to take paths different”.

Married since 2019 in Brest, the two former lovebirds did not wish to discuss the reasons for this breakup … until today. Indeed, Laury Thilleman spoke on this subject in the columns of Entertainment TV. “The milestone of 30 years made me realize that it was time to think about myself. To continue doing well what I love, I need to focus on what makes me happy. No more pleasing to others by never saying ‘no’ to them. From now on, I decide to say ‘yes’ to myself” she confided at first.

Then, the former beauty queen added why she talked about it on the web: “It was done with the heart, a lot of love and kindness. Because I want to remain in control of my life rather than being a slave to media coverage, which has good sides as well as other more harmful ones. All the words were chosen not to return to it because everything is said. I reread all my books and those of others too. It is time that I apply my own advice to myself.s”.

That has the merit of being clear. Hoping that she does not lose her smile that we love so much.


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