Laurent Ruquier soon to be a father for the first time at 59 with his young companion, chronicler of "TPMP" ?

Maybe someday. If some do not want it, it is nevertheless the project of a lifetime and some fight for many years to get it. Whether it’s because of health problems, infertility, adoption records… Having a child isn’t always easy. But with regard to Hugo Manos and Laurent Ruquier, the couple could indeed think of becoming parents.

However, the famous presenter of France 2 has never cried out loud and clear about his desire to become a father. As reminded Here isin an interview with The last hour in 2009, Laurent Ruquier did not suggest that he wanted to change his life. One day, why not, I will have a child […] but for that, you have to be sure of the person you live with. I still have time, we can be a parent at 50, give me another four years”he confided before giving a totally different speech in 2015 to VOD.

Soon a baby for Laurent Ruquier and Hugo Manos?

“I make a good living. I eat well, I dress how I want […] I don’t understand this idea of ​​sleeping money. And since I don’t have children… I can understand that some people want to and that’s good. But not me. It’s like marriage…”. But if Laurent Ruquier sticks to his remarks of 2009, in which he indicated that he was ready to start a family in the event that he was “sure of the person he lives with”the presenter of France 2 could “review its plans”.

Especially since Hugo Manos seems rather open to adoption, as he confided a few days ago in an interview with Jordan de Luxe. “We’ve already talked about it, but I don’t think it’s a visceral wish for him”he admitted before evoking his own wishes: “Me, it’s something I could consider. I’m approaching 40 and I tell myself that I could offer great values ​​to a little being. I think I could be a good father and Laurent too. is not excluded but it is not a certainty”.

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