Laurent Maistret shows off in his underwear: in front of a crowd in heat he makes the show

Laurent Maistret knows how to do the show and proved it once again this Friday, November 19, 2021. The candidate of Koh-Lanta 2021 was the star of a parade. And we can say that it caused a sensation.

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TF1 viewers are used to seeing the shirtless adventurer. Like the other candidates, Laurent Maistret is often in a swimsuit and thus displays his concrete abs. They are also used to seeing him do a little clowning, to the delight of his fellow adventurers. Combine these two elements and … it’s madness on the side of his admirers.

This Friday, Laurent Maistret was on a podium for a parade, for Sun. So he had to promote the brand’s boxers. And, as usual, he could not help but do the show as his subscribers were able to discover on his Instagram account. While wearing a burgundy-colored underwear, the charming brunette swayed to the rhythm of the song Love Nwantiti.

Laurent Maistret then made few hip-hop steps before taking a seductive look to the crowd as he paraded in white boxers and sunglasses. Without surprise, several young women in the assembly shouted, without forgetting to unsheathe their cell phone, when he was doing his show. What, for sure, to delight the great friend of Claude Dartois.

If he is more of an extrovert, Laurent Maistret is very careful when it comes to his private life. It is not known if he is currently in a relationship. What is certain is that he does not have the perfect love with his former partner of Dance with the stars (2016) Denitsa Ikonomov. “Hahaha! Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not with Denitsa Ikonomova at all. What we are currently seeing on the networks is totally false!“, he confided during a question and answer on Instagram, last September.

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