Laurent Maistret and Lola (Koh-Lanta) really as a couple? She answers cash

Koh Lanta, The Legend

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Credit: Instagram @ lola_kohlanta

Laurent Maistret and Lola (Koh-Lanta) were at the heart of a new rumor. Are the two adventurers really a couple? The young influencer wanted to make things clear.

The sentimental life of Laurent Maistret unleashes passions. Yet the famous adventurer of Koh-Lanta likes to preserve his secret garden. If rumors about a potential romance with Denitsa Ikonomova had fascinated fans of the model and the dancer, they were quickly swept aside. After long months of speculation, the former duo of Dance with the stars had finally denied these noises on their social networks. Now the winner of Koh-Lanta: The New Edition is at the heart of an entirely different rumor. He was seen very close to a former adventurer of the flagship show of TF1: Lola Labesse. But then, is the duo a couple? We have the answer!

Lola Labesse responds – Credit (s): Instagram @ lola_kohlanta

It is the blogger Aqababe who is at the origin of this new noise, arousing all the interests. In his Instagram story, the celebrity specialist revealed: “Seen at the Mamashelter, Lola from Koh-Lanta and Laurent Maistret very very close, cuddled in discretion there! They are probably recent and discreet couple. “ Of course, these rumors quickly reached the ears of the main stakeholders. If the followers of Koh-Lanta hoping that Laurent Maistret and Lola Labesse were indeed a couple, the young woman put an end to all these rumors on her social networks.

The message got through

This Monday, January 10, the finalist of Koh Lanta: The 4 Lands, in 2020, agreed to participate in the question and answer game in his Instagram story. A question about this supposed romance with Claude’s sidekick did not fail to be asked. The young influencer then made a point of clarifying things and replied: “No friends, you shouldn’t believe anything and everything”. To support her remarks, she recalled another rumor that had circulated about her. “At the time, you thought I was in a relationship with Angélique de Koh-Lanta”, she said, before concluding: “Friendships do exist”. The message seems to be clear!

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