Laurent Baffie talks about his cosmetic surgery operations

The actor, famous for his acerbic humor, is known for his numerous appearances on the small screen, notably alongside Thierry Ardisson. He also explained in an interview with Le Parisien in January 2022 that he had been presented as a “bad guy” wrongly, despite a provocative tone.

Now 64 years old, Laurent Baffie is very active, with some multiple projects such as his show on tour throughout France, “Laurent Baffie asks himself questions”, and his participation as a columnist in Les Grosses Têtes. Speaking of her plastic surgery operationshe said during the documentary “Bald, the revenge”:

“I had done the total, in my sixties I did the implants and the bags under the eyes because it made me look tired. So when I did TV again people said ‘Oh dear, we don’t recognize him, Oh dear, Baffie he had cosmetic surgery. As if I had done the chest, the breasts, the cheekbones. Well, no, I just had the implants.”

Indeed, the actor explained that he had chosen to to have hair implanted and to remove the bags under his eyes. This physical transformation sparked a lot of comments and criticism from some people, who accused Laurent Baffie of having done cosmetic surgery on other parts of his body. Laurent Baffie made a point of clarifying the situation and specified that he had only suffered these two interventions and that it was not as radical than some might think. The comedian explained that these cosmetic surgery operations were intended to improve your physical appearance, but also to give him a boost on the professionally and increase their self-confidence (source).

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