Laurence Ferrari celebrates her 56th birthday: This request that she imposed on her husband when they find themselves under the duvet

Laurence Ferrari turns 56 this Tuesday, July 5. A great opportunity to come back to an astonishing anecdote revealed by her husband, Renaud Capuçon a few years ago, at the microphone of Europe 1. “I can hardly sleep with the violin not in the room”, he confided. Yes, but his 1737 Guarnerius is not welcome in their bedroom. “My wife was so insistent that he sleep in the next room,” he blurted out. “But it’s the only place. In hotel rooms, it’s always next to the bed.”

Besides, his favorite instrument almost caused him some trouble. During the first confinement, he had taken the habit of offering a piece of music every morning to his fans. “Every time the president took the floor and announced three more weeks, I counted the plays I was going to play. No one knew, and Laurence said to me: ‘But you can stop tomorrow, stop !’ She was fed up that every day, at 9 am, I play”he said on the set of It’s up to you on France 5. That’s not the only funny story the musician had shared.

Faced with Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, he had been questioned about his meeting with the journalist who officiates on CNews. “On April 1, 2008, at the Ministry of Agriculture, if you had known that evening that you were going to meet the woman of your life, you would not have worn that horrible, atrocious pink tie?”asked the host. “I kept it huh, I showed it to my son not long ago he said to me, ‘isn’t it true? Dad put that tie on you, it’s not possible!'”, he recalled. A story that had amused his host. “The only time in my life I wore a pink tie was the day I met my wife. I never wore it again.”

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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