Lauren Goodger wants to know how her daughter died

Lauren Goodger (35) wants to know why. The The Only Way Is Essex actress and her husband Charles Drury announced last year that they were expecting their second child together after their daughter Larose. Her little girl Lorena was born in July, but the shock followed a short time later: her daughter died. However, the mother still does not know the exact cause, which is why Lauren is now keen to find out.

The 35-year-old still takes the whole thing with her, like her opposite The Sun betrayed. Actually, just like her firstborn, a home birth had been planned. After the midwife couldn’t hear the baby’s heartbeat, Lauren had to be taken to the hospital, but the doctors there couldn’t do much for Lorena. The doctors suspect that two knots in the umbilical cord are said to have caused the oxygen supply to be severely impaired. “I need to understand how she died in order for me to recover”explained the British woman and revealed that she is now having an autopsy carried out.

The mother misses her daughter Lorena very much. So she spent time with the baby after the death to say goodbye, as Lauren revealed: “She looked like she was asleep […]. It was a very emotional evening with many tears. I stayed up with her all night.” Charly’s partner took a few strands of Lorena’s hair and plaster casts of her hands and feet as a reminder.

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Lauren Goodger with her daughter Larose

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Charles Drury and Lauren Goodger

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Lauren Goodger, TV actress

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