Lauren Cohan Reveals When The Walking Dead: Dead City Is Set


The Walking Dead ended after 11 seasons but there are spin offs of many characters including Maggie and Negan. When is it located?

Lauren Cohan
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ohthe walking dead I reach its end! There were 11 successful seasons of this adaptation that tells the story of various groups of survivors of a zombie apocalypse that puts human nature to the test, revealing the best attitudes as well as the worst that people can show when there are no longer clear rules in society. Is it over forever? The original show yes, but there are spin offs in the works for the fans.

One of the programs that we are going to see is The Walking Dead: Dead City which is starred by Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) and Negan Smith (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a duo that certainly surprises fans of the original show due to the violent history that unites these characters. Let’s remember: Negan murdered Maggie’s husband with a baseball bat in season 7, starting a feud that continued throughout TWD.

The Walking Dead: Dead City is coming soon


when will it be located Dead City? Lauren Cohan he told ew: “When we restart in New York, it is a few years later. So, in my mind, there’s kind of a hopeful renewal at the end of the season of going out and exploring in the ways we’ve seen her do before.”and I add: “This time with her family she tries to stay in communication about their joint plan to do this and forge new paths. And by family we mean Daryl and Carol and everyone else. That’s what it means to me.”.

during the end of the walking dead, deny finally apologized to Maggie for killing her husband. Though Maggie did not forgive deny, you will try to see it in a different light. Of course, the context in which both characters move is much more unfavorable if, in addition to the zombies, we add having to survive another human being who wants to end your life. This alliance between Maggie and Negan It may have more reasons than it seems…

Lauren Cohan spread: “And some of those goodbyes were greetings, because obviously we know that Maggie and Negan will carry on, and there was what seemed like a resolution.” said the actress. “I think Maggie definitely wanted to start opening the door to that pain so she could process it. And part of that is starting to address it with Negan instead of avoiding it.”ended. The Walking Dead: Dead City is scheduled to reach AMC in April 2023.

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