Laure Boulleau: mini-shorts and jersey of the French team, she supports Olivier Giroud and the Blues in a very sexy way!

Nagui, Patrick Bruel and hundreds of other personalities. Didier Deschamps and his men have many supporters on the occasion of the 2022 World Cup which is taking place in Qatar. Out of the question for football fans to boycott the competition despite the controversies of which it is the subject. All show their support for the Blues and each in their own way. Proof of this is with Laure Boulleau.

The one who now officiates in the Channel Football Club alongside Hervé Mathoux, and who never stops laughing at the anecdotes, each more hilarious than the other by Samir Nasri, may have hung up her crampons but, nevertheless, she still lives for the round ball. After having made the heyday of the French women’s team and PSG, she now dissects and analyzes the performance of Ligue 1 clubs and Champions League matches on Canal +. A popular consultant. Notably by her talent for analysis, but also her beauty. The ex-footballer does not fail to please her fans on this point.

Laure Boulleau supports the Blues and is still as beautiful

She never hesitates to appear on her social networks, whether on TV sets, or when she has a good time at the beach like last summer when she revealed some very sexy shots when she was to the Balearic Islands to attend the wedding of two of his friends.

This Wednesday, November 23, Laure Boulleau took the pose again while she is on the side of Saint-Barthélemy. Sunglasses and dressed in pink mini-shorts, the 36-year-old sports consultant appeared sexier than ever to support Didier Deschamps’ men. This one does not forget to put on the jersey of the France team to show its support for the Blues who, we hope, will manage to win the third star!

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