Laura Noltemeyer: That’s behind her natural glow

Laura Noltemeyer
That’s behind their natural glow

Laura Noltemeyer at the GALA Christmas Shopping Night in the Alsterhaus Hamburg.

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In GLOSSIP – the GALA Beauty Podcast – we take you into an even more beautiful world. In this episode Laura Noltemeyer talks about her beauty philosophy. In GLOSSIP she tells us how she achieves her natural glow, how she protects her skin from drying out when traveling and why her clean beauty is so important.

Laura Noltemeyer may be better known to many by the name of “design jungle”. This is what she called her fashion and lifestyle blog in 2014, which she launched in addition to writing her master’s thesis in architecture. The Hamburg resident wanted to use it to build a platform to share her creative streak. However, the 32-year-old does not work as an architect. As an influencer and entrepreneur, she now reaches around 250 thousand Instagram fans, who have the opportunity to buy products from their clean beauty brand Bayage or to buy your self-designed wallpaper. All around, Laura is an independent business woman who combines creativity and exclusive taste in her work.

Episode 2: Laura Noltemeyer: That’s behind her natural glow

Eye shadow in bright colors? A look in which we would see entrepreneur and content creator Laura Noltemeyer less. Nevertheless, she loves trying out new trends – just not every day or in a business meeting. The woman from Hamburg prefers a natural, glowy look. In which color palette does she prefer to dip her make-up brush? And how do you create the perfect eyeliner line? The influencer reveals her insider tips to us!

I swear by microdermabrasion.

Laura goes to the beautician regularly, her skincare routine is the top priority. Clean beauty products are very important to her. In the new GLOSSIP episode, you can hear exactly what they’re up to and which care hacks the 32-year-old recommends to all jet setters.

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Episode 1: Laura Noltemeyer: “There is so much space at the top”

Her journey began eight years ago as a design jungle. The fashion blogger and influencer has now become an entrepreneur who is also committed to female empowerment. But Laura Noltemeyer was not born as a rampage pig: she too had to venture out of her comfort zone one or the other time. Which tip has helped her and which beauty mantra has pushed her career?

Between architecture and fashion

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The founder has already brought wallpaper and beauty products onto the market – and has no regrets. How does she make these monumental decisions – rashly or deliberately? How does the power woman come to rest in this fast-paced everyday life? And why she is of the opinion that women have to support each other more, she reveals in the new GLOSSIP episode.

GLOSSIP, the GALA Beauty Podcast: Every Friday on Audio Now, Spotify, iTunes and wherever there are podcasts.

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