Laura Neiva and Chay Suede present their son, José, after birth. See photo!

Pandemic has Chay Suede worried about the birth of his son

In July, Chay talked about the concern with the arrival of the youngest amidst the events that the world and the country are going through.

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“It worries me, of course, because, like it or not, the uncertainty of the current moment is something that makes me anxious, it makes me mad, it makes me reflective in a super negative place”, he reported in an interview with “RG” magazine. “I worry about seeing my children grow up in this weird world,” he added.

Actor evaluates political scenario

Chay also said that has no problem expressing himself about the political direction of Brazil. The artist recalled that, in 2018, participated in movements against the election of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party).

“My opinion about Bolsonaro is the same as it was back then, I still think the same thing about him,” he said. “But now, unfortunately, reaping the consequences of having been elected president of Brazil. So, this gets worse,” he pointed out.

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