Laura Lempika: Her wedding in Secret Story, her love story with Nikola Lozina, the arrival of Zlatan … Replay of all her highlights

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His romance with Aurélie Dotremont, his relationship with Anaïs Camizuli, his role in Friends Trip … After offering you the replay of Benjamin Machet, this Saturday, November 20, 2021, the editor of melty has decided to make you (re) discover the Laura Lempika’s television career. As a reminder, the young woman took her first steps in this very special environment in 2017 by participating in Secret Story 11. Thanks to her strong character, she was able to stand out from the other candidates of the show and for this reason, she very quickly followed up with other programs.. For example, the one who is now living a love affair with Nikola Lozina and who became the mother of a little Zlatan at the end of 2020, was in the cast of Moundir and the apprentice adventurers 3, The Marseillais vs the rest of the world 3, 4, 5, 6 or that The Princes and Princesses of Love 3.

Secret Story 11: Her marriage to Alain

Remember, Laura Lempika integrated this show with the following secret: “My best friend sacrificed herself to let me enter the House of Secrets”. During her adventure, the young woman had many clashes but she also found love alongside Alain. Moreover, she even married him for a mission given by the Voice!

Moundir and the apprentice adventurers 3: A complicated adventure

For Laura Lempika and Alain her boyfriend at the time, this adventure was complicated to live! And even if they were until the semifinals, this shoot will have pushed the two candidates to put an end to their love affair a few weeks after the show.

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The Marseillais vs the rest of the world 4: his love story with Nikola Lozina

If the romance of Laura Lempika and Nikola Lozina began in season 3 of the cross, it is in Marseille vs the rest of the world 4 that the young woman had the right to an incredible declaration of love from the man she loves. A very touching moment that you can (re) discover just above!

Laura + Niko = Baby Zlatan: Her delivery

A sequence that brings tears to our eyes! In January 2021, 6play broadcast Laura + Niko = Baby Zlatan. In this program, the couple unveiled the birth of their son and obviously, this can only be rich in emotions. However, the fact of having filmed this great day leaves them with incredible memories!

Objective Rest of the World: His arrival with Zlatan

A few months after giving birth, Laura Lempika participated in the first season ofObjective Rest of the World as a guest. She took the opportunity to present Zlatan to all the members of the RDM who seem, as we can see with the video above, to have fallen under the spell of the little boy!

While waiting for the replay of next week, discover that of Coralie Porrovecchio, we returned to her debut in Secret Story 9, her love story with Raphaël Pépin, her huge clash with Jessica Thivenin and many other highlights of her career.

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