“Late Motiv”, why it was canceled after seven seasons

It’s the end of an era. After seven seasons and more than 900 editions, “Late Motiv”, The late show hosted by Andreu Buenafuente, lowers the curtain forever. In December, the last chapters of the program that since 2016 has been broadcasting # 0, the channel that Movistar + dedicates to its original entertainment production, will be broadcast.

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Through a statement, the same company confirmed the end of “Late Motiv”, Although with the promise of continuing to work with Buenafuente on other projects. In fact, they would even have the first of these up and running.

“Late Motiv” marked the leap of the Catalan comedian Andreu Buenafuente to pay television after the cancellation of “En el aire”, by Atresmedia, with collaborators such as Berto Romero and Bob Pop. The program is produced by El Terrat, Buenafuente’s production company.

“Late Motiv” conquered the public through a late show format adapted to Spanish circumstances. The program has the collaboration of comedians such as Berto Romero (Photo: Late Motiv / Instagram)

Andreu Buenafuente and Movistar + will say goodbye to ‘Late Motiv’ after seven seasons and more than 900 programs in which the late night genre has been repositioned at the top of national television. More than six years in which Buenafuente has generated great television moments alongside his extraordinary collaborators and renowned guests who have offered with him great doses of humor and television”, Indicated Movistar +.

Today (Monday, November 15) it has become known that this program, ‘Late Motiv’, ends the year. In December we are leaving (…) Right now I just feel grateful. We all feel a mixture of sorrow, but with pride and a smile. Dog”, Stated Buenafuente himself on the day of the beginning of the end.


According to Bluper, Buenafuente himself decided to finish “Late Motiv”To devote most of his efforts, henceforth, to new television adventures. As his contract with Telefónica expires at the end of 2021, the comedian considered that it was time to turn the page, leave Madrid, where the show is recorded from Monday to Thursday, and move professionally to Barcelona.


The same statement from Movistar + indicates that Buenafuente will assume “new challenges and projects”, Including some in this same production house, although it is not clear whether as a producer or once again before the cameras. What are these projects? Among these is a fiction that could mark his return to acting after the experience of the film “The proclamation.” In the best case, there would also be another talk show.

We want Buenafuente to be with us for a long time“, Declared the entertainment director of Movistar +, Juan Andrés García Ropero, just a few days before the end of”Late Motiv”.

Buenafuente has projects in this house, both for entertainment and fiction. It is a face of ours that we love, and we want to be with Buenafuente in our photo permanently“He added when he was talking to verTele.

Outside of Telefónica, the conductor would have proposed a format to RTVE to compete with “El Hormiguero” from its first time access, but the idea would not have been successful. Of course, Buenafuente would seek to become a collaborator of RTVE Catalunya. Likewise, it would have met with HBO Max to evaluate possibilities for the entertainment offer of the service in Spain.

Andreu Buenafuente has been conducting "Late Motiv" since the beginning of 2016 (Photo: Andreu Buenafuente / Instagram)
Andreu Buenafuente has been conducting “Late Motiv” since the beginning of 2016 (Photo: Andreu Buenafuente / Instagram)


The latest edition of “Late Motiv” is scheduled for Thursday, December 23.

Now we have to be grateful to all those who have made ‘Late Motiv’ possible and to those who have enjoyed it. It has been everything to us, we have given everything, and what we have laughed and learned! To enjoy until the end for the next challenge. ThanksBuenafuente wrote on his social networks. Only a few weeks left.

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