Last Night in Soho: We explain the end of the film with Anya Taylor-Joy

Contains spoilers

Last Night in Soho arrived in Brazilian cinemas, directed by Edgar Wright and Anya Taylor-Joy as one of the main stars. Here’s what happens at the end of the feature film.

Last Night in Soho follows Eloise, a young woman in love with fashion design who manages, mysteriously, to go back to the 1960s.

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There, she meets Sandy, a stunning aspiring singer with whom she is fascinated. What she didn’t count on is that 1960s London may not be what it seems, and time keeps falling apart, leading to dire consequences.

Read on to see what happens at the end of Last Night in Soho.

Ending explained

In Last Night in Soho, Eloise is disturbed by monstrous apparitions that resemble Jack and the men who abused Sandy, and escapes from a Halloween party she attends with John after the spirits accosted her there.

John returns with her to her room, where she has a vision of Jack killing Sandy. Eloise decides to look for the silver haired man, who she believes to be Jack. She goes to the police but is not taken seriously.

Eloise tries to find newspaper news about Sandy’s murder in the university library, but is unsuccessful, finding instead stories of local men who disappeared without a trace. She is surrounded by monstrous spirits and nearly stabs Jocasta in panic.

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Believing she must avenge Sandy, Eloise confronts the silver haired man. He denies killing Sandy before being run over by a taxi.

The bar owner tells Eloise that the man is not Jack, but a retired police officer named Lindsay. Eloise remembers him from her dreams; as an undercover cop, he tried to help Sandy escape her life of prostitution.

Devastated, Eloise decides to leave London and John takes her back to Mrs. Collins’ house. She informs Ms. Collins that she is leaving.

Mrs. Collins makes her a cup of tea and tells her that a detective asked about Sandy’s murder before revealing that she is actually Sandy and that she killed Jack in self-defense when he threatened her with a knife.

She then lured the other men into her room and killed them, hiding their bodies under the floor of the house. Ms. Collins also reveals that she drugged Eloise’s tea and intends to kill her to keep her from telling anyone.

In a scuffle, a cigarette from Mrs. Collins’ ashtray lights a box of records. John comes to Eloise’s aid, but Mrs. Collins stabs him. Eloise escapes to her room, where the spirits of Sandy’s victims beg Eloise to kill Mrs. Collins, but she refuses.

Mrs. Collins enters Eloise’s room, where she sees the spirits and is attacked by Jack’s ghost. With the police outside, she tries to cut her own throat, but is stopped by Eloise, who says she understands why she killed the men.

Mrs. Collins, like Sandy, tells Eloise to save herself and John from the rising fire. Sandy stays in the building while it burns.

Some time later, Eloise is successful when her dresses are shown at a fashion show. She is congratulated backstage by her grandmother and by John, now her boyfriend. Eloise sees her mother’s spirit in a mirror and then a vision of Sandy, who nods and blows her a kiss.

Last Night in Soho is now on display in Brazilian cinemas.

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