Last farewell to Eva Matalová (†89): She made Soup!

The main speech was delivered by actor Rostislav Marek (61). “She was rational, empathetic, friendly, human. Also humble and proud. She was able to take from life and also give it…” reminded Marek, saying that the actress created 220 roles on the stage. The last one was Irma Gabrhelová in Žítkovské bohyný in 2014. The actress also directed the volunteer theater in Vizovice. Bolek Polívka claims that “Matalka” led him to JAMU. She says – Matalová, Matalová, I wouldn’t be at the theater without her!” sounded at the funeral.

Owned by Harapes at the funeral Irene Greifová: She was a sharp woman…

Mejzlík: He wants to laugh at me

Even though he fell on the stairs and sprained his knee three days ago, Miloš Mejzlík (71) came from Prague to pay tribute to Eva Matalová. They not only played together for seven years in the Zlín theater, but also met in front of the camera during the filming of the series Very Fragile Relationships. “We were very close and kept in touch. She used to go to my cottage. I am very sad about her passing, but she still wants to laugh at me now. Because she had a strange, sarcastic sense of humor and knew how to make fun of herself,” he told the newspaper Aha! actor.

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