Last chapters of the novel ‘Beyond Illusion’: Heloísa’s birth leaves Olivia’s mother at risk of death

Us last chapters of the novel “Beyond the Illusion”, Heloísa (Paloma Duarte) will be in serious danger of death when giving birth to her baby with Leonidas (Eriberto Leão). About to have the child kidnapped by Úrsula (Barbara Paz), the mother of Olívia (Debora Ozório) also faces a hemorrhage.

“Congratulations, Mom! It’s a beautiful boy”, says the doctor, but soon the moment of joy is interrupted by something unexpected. “The uterus hasn’t contracted, the pressure is dropping. She has hypotonia! Quick oxytocin injection! We need to stop the bleeding!”, says the professional, in the soap opera that airs the last chapter on the 19th, with punishment for Úrsula, arrested of the murder of Abel (Adriano Petermann).

Because of the hemorrhagic condition, Heloísa will not see the face of her baby, who was later kidnapped by the villain. And when she finds out from her sister, Violeta (Malu Galli), that the child has been kidnapped, the seamstress goes into despair. “My son! I want to see my son…”, implores Leônidas’ wife (Eriberto Leão). Who counts is the columnist André Romano, of the “TV Observatory”.

But it doesn’t take long for the crime to be discovered. First, Margô (Marisa Orth) delivers the new crime of the viper to Eugênio (Marcello Novaes). And almost at the same time, Matias (Antonio Calloni), who will have caught the kidnapping, will deliver the criminal to Leonidas.

The telenovela “Além da Illusion” will be replaced by “Mar do Sertão” from the 22nd. Mario Teixeira’s plot stars Isadora Cruz, Renato Góes and Sergio Guizé, and also includes names such as Enrique Diaz and Debora Bloch – see here details of the main story.

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