Last chapters of ‘Beyond Illusion’: Matias ‘rediscovers Elisa’ and takes responsibility for his daughter’s death

Us last chapters of the novel “Beyond Illusion”, Matthias (Antonio Calloni) will assume that he killed his own daughter Elisa (Larissa Manoela). Already with evidence that accuses her father and exonerates Davi (Rafael Vitti), Isadora (Larissa Manoela) simulates her sister’s return to make Matias confess to the murder and thus get the magician’s freedom, who in turn will accept the request of apology from the former judge.

But until he proves his innocence, David will go through bad times and will need to resort to a magic number to literally disappear and escape a third prison. Isadora, after being locked in a room by Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita), disguises herself as Elisa to extract her father’s confession, for whom she is humiliated in a fight.

According to columnist André Romano, from “TV Observatory”, the plan works and the criminal calls his youngest daughter for a conversation, in which he opens the game. “Isadora? We need to talk. Elisa appeared to me and, so that she would forgive me, I confessed that I was the one who accidentally shot her and blamed the magician. And she forgave me, she forgave”, he says.

“And he told me that you also need my love. A love that I was never able to give you”, concludes Matias in Alessandra Poggi’s period novel, which ends on August 19, giving way to “Mar do Sertão ” on the 22nd (click here for details of the rural plot).

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