Last Album: Singer Nino de Angelo ends his career

Nino de Angelo (58) wants to get out of the limelight. The singer made his breakthrough in the music business with the song “Jenseits von Eden” from 1983. In the following years he moved away from hits and oriented himself more towards rock music. Cancer forced him to take a career break. Developed over the years Nino also an addiction to cocaine and gambling. Now he wants to finally disappear from show business: Nino wants to end his career.

That told Nino now in picture-Interview. But he’s not leaving overnight. “I’m not going to stop right away. I’m currently writing the songs for my new and final album. It will be released in 2023”, said the 58-year-old. After this album he was sure: he had told the world everything he wanted to say and could then retire. But there might still be a tour.

But what moves Nino to stop playing music? “As simple as that sounds, I intend to just live. I just want to spend more time with my family.”explained the native of Karlsruhe. Nino and his partner Simone are now even engaged. He could even imagine emigrating to Italy with her, he said.

Nino de Angelo in Bruchhausen Vilsen in August 2017
Nino de Angelo, musician

Instagram / ninothevoicedeangelo

Nino de Angelo and his girlfriend Simone in August 2021

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