Lasse Sjørslev back at work after family increase: Expects several months of maternity leave from TV 2

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On Tuesday evening, Lasse Sjørslev was back on screen again in connection with the local election coverage.

Lately, the 47-year-old TV host has been on maternity leave with his and his wife, the 32-year-old TV host Josefine Høgh, almost two weeks old daughter Molly.

But on Tuesday, the work called again, which in addition to the local election coverage on TV 2 Nyhederne on Tuesday, is generally on the host role in ‘Go’ Aften Live ‘.

“It’s great, it suits me very well. I’ve had a fat maternity leave, a couple of lovely weeks in the little baby bubble, and it’s been super fat. But it is also a fun task to go back to, so it suits me very well, «Lasse Sjørslev tells BT

“But I will miss the little one and miss Josefine, there is no doubt about that!”

Little Molly is the couple’s first child together, but the 47-year-old TV 2 journalist’s third in total, as he has two children from a previous marriage.

But even though the two weeks’ maternity leave is now over, Lasse Sjørslev will have to go on maternity leave again later and probably replace his wife Josefine Høgh by that time.

“I have to have some more maternity leave next year, I’ll save something to put in next summer, I think,” explains Lasse Sjørslev.

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“We just have to figure out how to screw it together, but at least like that, so I get a slightly longer course as well. In fact, I have not really agreed on it yet with TV 2, but something similar for a couple of months. “

Lasse Sjørslev and Josefine Høgh were married in 2019 and live together in Copenhagen.

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