Larissa Manoela shows skill in AcroYoga training

During the afternoon of this Thursday (11/25) the actress Larissa Manoela took the opportunity to practice physical activities. In Stories on her Instagram, Larissa showed her skill and body control through videos and photos while training AcroYoga, a mix of yoga positions with acrobatics and Thai massage.

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In the images shared on the social network, the actress appears doing common yoga postures, learning to have more flexibility and balance. Larissa did some postures on top of a fitball, and then appeared upside down, wearing an accessory to do a pose called “scorpion“.

The actress demonstrated confidence and courage in her positions and postures on top of a colleague, who held her while she maintained her balance during the exercises.

In October of this year, also through Instagram, the artist interacted with her followers when asked, ironically, about the end of her relationship with João Guilherme, comparing with the end of Brad Pitt e Angelina Jolie. A netizen asked: “Is it true that the end of JoLari Was it the same as Brad and Angelina’s breakup?” The singer countered: “It’s my capacity for authenticity, I’d say, and courage too.” “.

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