Larissa Manoela gets emotional when she sees the teaser for ‘Além da Ilusão’. Video!

Larissa Manoela lives two characters in ‘Além da Ilusão’

In “Além da Ilusão”, Larissa Manoela it lives the sisters Elisa and Isadora at different stages. The first falls in love with Davi (Rafael Vitti) and needs to face family confrontations to live that love. The second becomes the magician’s girlfriend after he escapes from jail and assume another identity ten years later.

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According to the actress, despite being equal in appearance, each sister has her own identity. “Isadora, who witnessed her sister’s death, grew up with this pain and that left her a little weakened but at the same time strong to live her goal and not focus so much on this side of love, of enchantment”, explains Larissa at a press conference .

About to debut on Globo, Larissa Manoela celebrates a new phase of life

On the 28th, Larissa Manoela celebrated the arrival of her 21st birthday among friends and family.

“I couldn’t have had better ways to celebrate my 21st birthday. Because only on 12/28 it’s possible to sing 55 Happy Birthday to me (I love birthdays),” he said.

“I had congratulations before leaving Orlando, at midnight, arriving at Globo’s dressing room, ending the day of recording and ending the day with a flourish in a delicious restaurant. Life is too precious and to share it with mine family, friends and fans is even cooler,” he said.

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