Larissa Manoela explains why she returned with André Luiz Frambach after an affair in 2021. Check it out!

In early July, Larissa Manoela and André Luiz Frambach officially took up their relationship, after some appearances together. The couple, however, had an affair in September last year, which ended in a short time. In an interview with Lucas Pasin, from Uol, the actors explained why they decided to give love another chance.

Since they started dating, Larissa and André Luiz have not been separated. There are countless events where they attend together. In the interview, they left the reason for their return to the universe.

“When it’s meant to be, it happens,” they said. “We made the movie [“Modo Avião”, na Netflix] and it was amazing. The affection and respect always existed. We allowed ourselves in 2021, we experienced something and it was amazing. But at that moment, it wasn’t meant to be. Now it is,” added Larissa.

André Luiz Frambach declares himself to Larissa Manoela


After assuming the romance, the two took a trip together to Angra dos Reis. In it, the couple released dozens of romantic photos. Also in the interview, André Luiz was passionate when he declared himself to Larissa.

“Now it’s obvious it’s dating. Official. It’s already more than publicized. Whether we are happy is what matters most. I make her happy, and she makes me too”, said the “Face and Courage” actor (see the summary of the next chapters).

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