"Large families, life in XXL" : find out which family spends the equivalent of a minimum wage on shopping!

In “Large families, life in XXL” on TF1, each family reveals their little tips and tricks for raising their many children as well as possible without breaking the bank. And the champion of the organization for this kind of challenge is Audrey Boibessot. “Next week, it will not be necessary to make 100 euros less, it would be too much [juste]. We are going to spread these 100 euros more, therefore doing 30 euros less shopping, over the next three weeks“, she explained to her husband Hervé when he exploded the shopping budget a few days ago.

At Les Servières, the trend is more towards hard discount. With modest incomes, the family is forced to control all expenses and necessarily the most basic such as those made at the supermarket. A detail that has not escaped internet users scandalized by certain choices made by the mother of the family. “The Servières only feed on crap!! It’s crazy she cooks nothing. Only shit at the table”, “the Servières who says that snacks have a cost Make cookies or cakes yourself it will divide the price by 4 But Madame is a lazy woman“, wrote on Twitter some faithful of the program.

For the Van Der Auwera, the shopping budget is also a big expense each month. Parents of no less than eleven children, they revealed in the program “Chez Jordan” having to go to the supermarket “every fifteen days“. Cindy Van Der Auwera explained to the host that on their side, they “do not deprive themselves”. In total, it is necessary to count “about 1200” euros for the food budget to feed the whole family. “Children know that what we do for one we do for another“, said for his part Sébastien Van Der Auwera, evoking the jealousies that could exist between all the children of their XXL family.


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