"Large families, life in XXL" : after months of hardships, the Blois family announces happy news!

At the head of a blended family of nine children, Diana and Gérôme Blois were for many months part of the most popular and most followed tribes in “Large families, life in XXL”, on TF1. But last March, the Blois made the decision to leave the show that revealed them. The mother of the family, however, has not closed the door to a possible return in the episodes to come. In the meantime, it is on social networks that fans of the couple and their nine toddlers can follow the adventures of the blended family. Very active on Instagram, Diana Blois regularly gives news of her family. Wednesday June 8, 2022, the young woman returned to a real estate visit carried out as part of a move scheduled very soon.

Unfortunately, not everything suited Diana Blois, who nevertheless had to find new accommodation as soon as possible for her family. “There’s a lot of work to do on the ground floor. The surface is pretty good but you have to break down all the walls. The idea is to make a maxi living room, you really have to break down all the walls. partitions. We also have to go down the kitchen which is on the floor below. We’re going to make a second visit with someone who knows it well. He’s going to tell us how much the work could cost knowing that Chouchou is not too much his thing. Time is short, it has to be done quickly. In terms of the budget, the house is already well above what we had planned to put in. You have to see the broker to see how much it comes back to us“, she explained to her Instagram subscribers.

But this Thursday, June 23, she and her husband announced great news. The Blois have finally found a property that meets all their criteria. “And yesiiiiii first step completed […] Might as well tell you that this news on June 22 ♥️ on the day of our love wedding anniversary, was a very nice gift It’s done! Second step (and not the least), go sign the promise to purchase already and… the hardest and longest… wait for the validation of the bank for our loan “, indicates the influencer shared in the “stress, the excitement and this desire to believe“.


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