Large families: An Orgeval child victim of malicious acts, "our heart sank …"

Attached to the TV section, Hiba Semali devotes herself to the small screen. The Voice, Koh-Lanta, Top Chef, Secret Story, Star Academy or even Les Marseillais have no secrets for her.

In “Many families, life in XXL”, viewers have discovered a new clan, that of Louise and Kevin Orgeval. They are the proud parents of six children. And one of them suffers terribly … It is on social networks that the family is engaged in this difficult moment to pass.

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Every day on TF1 several tribes share their extraordinary daily life in Large families, life in XXL. Parallel sharing is also done on social networks. This is how Amandine Pellissard had revealed her miscarriage, that the Fanichs showed up at the hospital after bickering or that the Orgeval family shares sad news. One of the six children of the tribe is having a difficult time, the parents explain it on Instagram Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

It is the beautiful Mia who is the victim of her comrades at school. In the caption of a superb photo of the young brunette in black and white, the Orgeval family tell. “Our little Mia alerted us to certain situations at school. Yesterday evening she gave herself up. And our heart sank, they write. Schoolboys laugh at her, at her small size … It’s received, and it’s hurtful. Her sister tried to intervene but she suffered verbal abuse from these kids.

A situation which deeply affects the young girl: “She is solid our Mia, but there … I think she’s starting to falter. I can see that she has been less motivated to go to college for the past few weeks. She often tells me that she doesn’t want to anymore. She starts having anxieties again in the evening, needing to leave the door open, having trouble falling asleep. Sunday is a dreaded day because a new week of school is coming, and with it its share of bullying and teasingIt’s so sad to know what she’s going through… We alerted his older brother and asked him to intervene. Hope it works …

In comments, many Internet users support little Mia. And the young girl can also count on the help of her relatives, in particular her parents Louise and Kevin Orgeval. The couple, already parents of five children, had made the decision to adopt Noée, a baby with Down’s syndrome. “I felt that we had to adopt, told the mother of the family during a live on Instagram. We did a lot of information. We launched and submitted a file to the general council. (…) We did nine months of evaluation of psychologist and social worker and we had an approval in all the departments in France for a baby with Down’s syndrome.“A beautiful little family that supports each other in difficult times.

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