Large Families: Amandine Pellissard teases a big event for the next episodes, she says it all

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For several days, TF1 has been broadcasting new episodes of the new season of Large Families, life in XXL. As a reminder, this program follows the daily life of several families who have at least three children. For example, since season one, viewers learn about the lives of the Pellissards. At home, they are ten, parents included! Léo, the eldest of the siblings, is not Alexandre’s biological son since he is from Amandine’s previous union. Despite everything, the young teenager has always considered his stepfather as his real father since it was he who raised him from the age of two. For this reason, both had only one dream: To bear the same name as his brothers and sisters and his mother’s husband.

“Here, he becomes a great Pellissard the little guy!”

To do this, they applied for adoption a few years ago and after a very long wait, Léo and Alexandre finally got what he wanted. During a live with her community on Instagram this Wednesday, January 12, 2022, Amandine Pellissard, the mother of the family, took to this great news. Happier than ever, the young woman told her subscribers: “We officially announce that we have finally signed the consent for the adoption of Leo by my darling at the notary, very recently. That’s it, it’s done, it’s signed, it’s recorded, it’s Booked! Here, he becomes a great Pellissard the little guy! Well, he was already one. But on paper, he becomes one too. Bravo, congratulations Leo, we applaud him“.

The moment of adoption broadcast on TF1

Very moved, Amandine Pellissard added : “It’s great, since time”. Then, she clarified: “I’m not even telling you … We’ve been waiting for this for years. Thank you French administration, it took a long time. We got married, after there was the Covid, which makes that it took a monstrous time (…) We have spent quite emotional days in recent days, I do not hide it from you”. Afterwards, she revealed: “All of this you will find out later, in due time (…) It means a lot to us, especially to Leo”. So these are words that prove that viewers will be able to discover this great event in images in the episodes of Large families on TF1.

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