Large Families: Amandine Pellissard disrespectful? Internet users are angry and the tackle

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Internet users are very angry with Amandine Pellissard following her behavior in one of the episodes of Large Families and they do not hesitate to let her know by tackling the young woman.

It has been several years since TF1 launched Large Families, life in XXL. Over the seasons and episodes of this show, viewers can follow the full-fledged daily life of these large families. These include Les Dol, Les Gayat, Les Bambara, Les Van Der Auwera Les Gonzalez and Les Pellissard. Speaking of the latter, be aware that since the inception of the program, this particular family has been sparking a lot of ink for a number of reasons. Sometimes Amandine Pellissard is herself in the viewfinder of certain Internet users on social networks and what we can read about her is very violent.

The Pellissard family and their eight children – Credit (s):

Moreover, recently, she has been the target of criticism following her behavior in one of the episodes of Large families, life in XXL on Twitter. Indeed, we can read the following comments: “How can we talk about fighting when it comes to getting baby number 9 going ?! What disrespect for all those people who are struggling to have their first or second baby”, “No but hello the other one who complains that she cannot have her 10th child. Consider yourself happy not to have had 9 because during that time couples do not manage to have any short “. Obviously, Internet users blame Amandine Pellissard not to think about the people who fight every day to have children.

The Pellissards, the object of many criticisms

The Pellissard family is therefore far from unanimous! Moreover, if we linger a bit on social networks, we can notice that those who watch the show Large families, life in XXL love to comment on all episodes on twitter. And if Amandine is very often criticized, she is not the only one. For example, the Dol, Dunand, Van Der Auwera or Zephirin families also receive a lot of negative comments and that must be difficult to live with every day. At the editorial staff of melty, we give them all a lot of support.

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