Large cannabis plantation above kebab shop dismantled, 35-year-old Beringen arrested


In Keerbergen, a large cannabis plantation has been dismantled by the police. The cannabis plantation, some 700 plants in size, was located above a kebab shop in the center of the municipality. A 35-year-old man from Beringen has been arrested and the public prosecutor has requested an investigating judge.

A loot of size for the police from Keerbergen. This morning, curious local residents were able to spot several police cars and a Fluvius car at the Unal Snacks kebab shop on the Oud Warriorslaan. Agents in white suits dismantled the cannabis plantation piece by piece. That was quite a job, because a plantation of 700 plants is not the least.

Meanwhile, the public prosecutor’s office has been able to arrest a suspect. A 35-year-old man from Beringen may answer to an investigating judge, who has already been appointed by the public prosecutor’s office of Leuven.

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