Lara Nesteruk cries when venting about the controversial separation of Neto Dourado

Lara Nesteruk had a controversial divorce from Neto Dourado. On social media, the influencer exposed various attitudes of her ex-husband, such as betrayal, embezzlement and even the call girls he went out with.

On Monday (16), Lara Nesteruk opened the question box and answered the followers about some details of her separation. In the conversation, the influencer said that the ex demanded back a car he had given her as a gift, in addition to telling some other details.

Lara Nesteruk talks about the end of her relationship with Neto Dourado

At the end of the video, Lara Nesteruk cried when venting about the whole situation she went through with her ex-husband. In the outburst, the influencer revealed that she has already made mistakes, but that none compares to what Neto did with her.

“When I look at my shit and compare it with the ones that were done to me. I feel proud of how wrong I am. Because it doesn’t have the refinement of cruelty. I’m not a saint. I made several mistakes, I exceeded the limit several times. Most of them out of pure desperation . I held myself back a lot so as not to shit even more. The feeling we have is diabolical. Holding on to the bad being inside us is very difficult”.

“Several times I couldn’t. I made a lot of mistakes, but I sleep very peacefully with my mistakes. Because besides truly regretting them, this story marked my life. It changed my life like hell. It changed everything I think about everything. What that person did ate my brain in a way that I don’t know how it will work normally again. I don’t know if I’ll ever think normally again”.

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