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L’Aquila, 13 June 2022 – A possible victory of center right in the first round of municipal elections also althe Eagle: Pierluigi Biondi it leads according to the exit polls with 49-53% of the votes. The second screenings of the Opinio Italia consortium for Rai, with a sample coverage of 16%confirm the victory of blonde with the 51.8% of votes, followed by By Benedetto with the 23.8%, Pezzopane with the 22.9% And Fox With the’1.5%.

2022 municipal elections results: live counting, city by city

The outgoing mayor, Pierluigi Biondi (Ansa)
The outgoing mayor, Pierluigi Biondi (Ansa)

L’Aquila, the count live



2022 municipal elections results: exit polls. All about the vote of 12 June

Exit polls and turnout

According to the first exit polls released by the Opinio Italia Consortium for Rai, the center right he would also triumph in the first round in L’Aquila with the reconfirmation of the outgoing mayor Pierluigi Biondi: the Melonian would be between 49 and 53%. They follow at a distance Stefania Pezzopane (center left) between 23 and 27%; Americo Di Benedetto by civics between 21 and 25%; And Simona Volpe between 0 and 2%.

“A result that confirms our polls – explains the outgoing mayor Pierluigi Biondi – the exit polls tell us we can win in the first round. We are satisfied with the work done by a compact center-right. “The deputy of the Democratic Party, candidate for mayor of the center left Stefania Pezzopane recalls that “the outgoing mayor Biondi, architect of a rigid system of power held by President Marsilio, a few months ago was the winner in the first round with Bulgarian percentages. But we did not give up on fighting to win. We aimed to go to the ballot : if so, we have achieved the result “. The municipal and regional councilor and civic candidate Americo Di Benedettoon the other hand, he raises on the results of the exit polls: “From the indications in our possession, we have the guarantee that the real results will be even more positive. In this sense, we await the counting to make objective assessments”.

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In Abruzzo voted on 59.51% of those entitled: a figure that is above the national average of 54.73%. L’Aquila registers an even higher turnout, of 64.5%.

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